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We strive to provide our members with high-value benefits via a combination of cash back incentives, referral cash bonus, and free personalized services. Instead of directly providing a booking search engine on the website, we utilize various travel agent-specific booking services to best meet members' needs in an on-request human service manner. Our member benefits are designed as the following to fulfill the value that "We work harder to return more to our members":

Free Membership, No Card Required - Free membership is offered by invitation and referral only to US residents over 18 years of age. To activate your membership, all you need to do is fill in and submit a simple online "Free Membership Application Form", no credit card required and no hidden fees! Your free membership will be activated once we have completed the applicant verification process based on the information provided in the application. Being invited or referred to join us does not constitute an automatic membership activation. 

Price Match Cash Back - This service is designed for members who already have a full or rough itinerary including a minimum of three nights of premium resorts, cruises, branded tour/vacation packages, or self-customized travel packages (hotels plus flights, cars, and/or tours & activities). We offer price match cash back off the best price available to the general public for exactly the same itinerary found among Expedia, Orbitz, and the websites of the official suppliers of the resort/cruise/tour/vacation included in the itinerary. As shown in membership comparisons, our membership generally provides members with more cash value back than Expedia and Orbitz in cruises (ocean or river)branded tour/vacation packages (independent or escorted, including rail getaways/vacations), and self-customized travel packages with a minimum three hotel nights. In addition, travel advise is provided for free when needed in the process. Our current price match success rate is 93%. Therefore, just give it a try. A few minutes could save you more money. 

Low Price Guarantee - We offer low price guarantee for booked travel (vacation rentals excluded). Any time up until 24 hours before the travel date, in very rare cases should the price on exactly the same itinerary with the same suppliers drop below our cash-off price (the final cost after cash back), we will refund the difference. 

No Booking Fees, No Credit Card Fees - We do not charge booking fees and credit card fees to our members. In addition, we do not charge cancellation or change fees for most bookings. However, the suppliers (e.g. resorts/hotels, airline companies, car rental companies, cruise lines, and vacation/tour operators) with which you have a reservation may have service fees and change or cancellation fees that we are required to pass on. 


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