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1. Why do you verify the applicants first before activating their membership? How do I access my member records?


Applicant identity verification is the very first basic step that we use to create and maintain a safe community for all our members. We DO NOT require sensitive personal info like your date of birth, social security number, or credit card numbers in the application, but please DO provide your real name, current residential address, and cell phone number as requested in the application. Once we have completed the verification process based on the information provided in the application, we will notify you by email you a link to your member folder on our Microsoft Business Onedrive, where a login is required for access to your records of itineraries and bookings. None of your credit/debit card information will be stored in your member records. 


2. What is your price match service for? How do I request price match service?

This service is designed for members who already have a full or rough itinerary including a minimum of three nights of premium resorts, cruises, branded tour/vacation packages, or self-customized travel packages (hotels plus flights, car, and/or tours & activities). We offer price match cash back off the best price available to the general public for the for exactly the same itinerary found among Expedia, Orbitz, and the websites of the official suppliers of the resort/cruise/tour/vacation included in the itinerary. Except for flight-only bookings and hotel-only bookings, our membership generally provides members with more cash value back than Expedia and Orbitz in cruises (ocean or river)branded tour/vacation packages (independent or escorted, including rail getaways/vacations), and self-customized travel packages with a minimum three hotel nights. You can request the service by directly email us at or message us using social media instant messaging systems.

3. What is the best way to contact you?

For initial contact, you can reach us by emailing, or instant messaging to our Facebook (ID: Sunnytrips Travel Club). We prefer emailing and messaging because the processes enable our customer support staff to have the records of your correspondence, and therefore, be able to help you more effectively. We accept phone calls to our landline number 207-573-4200 by appointment for members only.

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